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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good morning friends, family, and, apparently, fellow bloggers,

As you might be able to tell, this is my very first blog ever, and as you might expect, I'm just a little apprehensive about what I'm doing. But if you don't try, well, then you never grow and learn, and I intend to grow AND learn, so here goes!

Here's the bottom line - My goal is to create a place where we talk about living successfully while dealing with brokenness. My particular "brokenness" is the result of a spinal cord injury that utterly changed my life only 4 years ago. One week after shooting my best game of golf ever - actually had my first birdie on the par 5 sixth hole - the accident occurred that put me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

And I thought my life was over. Two weeks in two different hospitals, two years of physical therapy, and two legs that just don't work so well anymore and I thought that was it. But that wasn't "it". That was a new beginning of a new kind of life. Not exactly the kind I envisioned when I was younger and making plans for my life, but it was 'life' - sometimes difficult, constantly painful, at times tearful, and often frustrating and maddening - but it was LIFE, and I intend to live it successfully no matter what ugly stuff it throws at me.

So, this 'blog' is going to talk about how I go about living this broken life with success and vigor. How to face down the temptation to quit, how to fight through debilitating pain, how to make waves even if I'm stuck in the wading pool - frankly, how to LIVE ABUNDANTLY while playing the cards I've been dealt.

This tool called a blog is for everyone who has either been told they are broken or that a loved one is broken. And brokenness is what we call it. Mine happens to be physical, but it has involved my emotions, my intellect, my relationships with everyone I love, and my faith. The stressors involve my wife and kids, my church and my friends, my way of life and goodness, even my sanity.

Your brokenness might be in some other way. Maybe you've been told you have cancer or that your spouse is going to die within the week. Maybe you have faced down the brokenness of financial ruin or blindness or being hearing impared. It could be that you brought this brokennes on yourself or, like me, this new lifestyle came as a complete surprise, out of the blue and with no warning. It doesn't matter HOW you were broken, but it maters to me that you ARE broken and you would like to deal with it as successfully as possible. Most of us who are broken know we can't fix what's busted, but there is alot more to life than just the broken pieces of what we had planned or hoped for.

We'll talk about faith, and stress, and family, and joy, and sorrow, and anger, and frustrations galore. Well address good days, and not-so-good days and even worse nights, but we will talk. I want you to respond as often as you wish. I want to know your story, how you are doing, how you cope and what tools you use to live successfully while dealing with being broken.

But in the end, I want to press this issue of living successfully, living abundantly, living above and beyond the ordinary, living better than the brokenness seems to demand - I want to make sure we LIVE! and not just make it - to THRIVE instead of just survive.

So here it is, blog number one. What do you think? Can we talk? Let me know.

And I'll see you next time ....


Blogger Sam said...

I am honored to be the first one to comment and congratulate you on your new blog. Hopefully you are able to reach the people that need to read what you have to write.

If I could make one suggestion, remove the block on anonymous comments. By blocking new readers, you may block someone from responding who really wants or needs to talk to you. You can always add the word verification to block spammers which are really the only ones out there you need to block. And if someone makes a comment you really don't want to be seen, you can delete that comment. But blocking anonymous comments is not only rude, it could really be hurtful to someone who needs you.

Just a thought.......

Anonymous Jason "CupidsArt" Benningfield said...

Sir, it's great to see what you are doing here, ;)

My Blessings go out to you and yours,

Blogger Terry said...

I consider it a great joy to respond to the blog of one of my dearest friends. I also know brokeness, not in body, but emotionally and professionally. A great part of my healing came from the many hours of talking and praying with Dwight. There is no substitute,in this world, than sharing your brokeness with someone who really cares, and I mean really cares! Working professionally,now, in the mental health field I have come to understand more and more the importance of sharing one's feelings instead of burying them deep inside, hoping they will never resurface, butthey always do.
What a wonderful experience to know peace, even in the midst of the battles, joy in the midst of pain, and contentment in the midst of needs. All of this is possible to all who will reach out in faith. Blessings my brother Dwight, may God use this means to reach hurting souls.

Blogger Mike said...

Hello Dwight!

I think you have a wonderful idea here! When I get my thoughts together I will reply in a more complete fashion. I don't really know what to say? I have Multiple Schlerosis, but until recently it has not affected my life and now it seems that after the hardship has passed and the disease has let up a little life is better than it was before. Yeah, I'm broken but I'm not going to let that slow me down!

You are a wonderful person Papa D. Thanks for all that you have taught me in the music business and in life in general. Me and my family owe you you a lot! We love you and you take care of yourself. Tell Suzy we said hi.




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