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Friday, June 16, 2006

Some changes are in order.

After posting my first blog ever just yesterday I got so many wonderful comments, questions, and new ideas from so many of you that I went back into the "creating" area of this and made some changes in an effort to make this a better place to visit. Who knows - this process might go through several evolutions before we get it all right, but my desire is to make this blog as interactive as possible within reason.

First, thanks to my son's suggestion, I have removed the blockage on annonymous comments. He pointed out to me that sometimes the things that we need to talk about are too painful to put a name on, and that there might be some who REALLY need to be included but are afraid to do so for fear of having their name out there in cyberspace. So, we are going to give this a try. If you are reading this and you are a spammer, please don't muddy up the waters. There are people already who have emailed me with deep brokenness who really need to talk and I don't want to shut the door on them because someone want's to sell a condo in Zimbabwe. So spammers, go somewhere where you are wanted, please.

Secondly, I have included the link to my email address in my profile and after my signature for the same reason as above. Sometimes people want to talk but need to do so in private, so I've included my email address so we can communicate. My promise is that I will try to answer as many as possible. If this gets out of hand I might have to figure out a better way, but for now we'll just give this a try. But please know this: I must refrain from too much giving of counsel to those whose lives I do not know. Every one of us is different and every one of us has special circumstances we are facing that may or may not be unique to us. There are going to be the big issues we all face, but then there are some thing that are simply unique to us as individuals, and when we get into those areas counseling would need to be much more involved than we have time for in this medium.

Back to changes, I wish there was some way to eliminate the silliness of astrological signs and chinese calendar stuff off my profile - anyone who has an idea how to get rid of that stuff please let me know. I don't believe in that foolishness and I really don't want any part of it, but it just kind of "showed up". Any ideas?

For those of you who wonder what right I have to give advice I have this say in my defense. First, I am a God called, ordained Pastor who, because of the accident and subsequent brokenness, is serving in a support role as Worship Leader (and newsletter editor) at my church. Second, I am a certificated Christian counselor, having taken the necessary course work from the Center for Biblical Counseling and have been a member of the AACC, the American Association of Christian Counselors. I have many years of practical experience in the role of Senior Pastor of a growing church and practicing Christian counselor. Furthermore, I have been a husband to my wife for 34 years, a Dad to three fabulous kids, a Father-in-law to three pretty incredible spouses of my kids, and now a grandpa to 5 of the most beautiful children the world has ever produced.

But maybe my best credential is that I am, personally, broken - and yet still living successfully and abundantly in the face of that brokenness. Oh no, that does not mean I am always happy and that life is a bowl of cherries. Far from it! I face the same kinds of stuggles and challenges and debilitating pain many of you do. But I have decided that living abundantly is so important to me that I will choose the pain and get on with it.

And I have discovered that there are a lot of people out there willing to do the very same thing. Who push themselves and strive with all their might to be and do everything and anything they are capable of doing, and then living with the fact that there might be some things they will never do again. I give you a standing ovation - well, as close to standing as my wheelchair will allow - but I'm applauding REAL loud! I am constantly amazed at the power of the human spirit and the just plain grit and vinegar of some people who refuse to consider their disability disabling. Hurray for you!

So, there you have it. I have attempted to open the door a little wider for you to be part of this ongoing discussion. If you have any ideas that might help the process even further, please become part of the group. Have a wonderful day and I'll see you next time, here in Broken but Not Crushed.



Blogger Sam said...

A simple solution to the zodiac and year stuff is to be a bit more vague in your settings. If you don't put a birthdate, that stuff won't surface. Like on mine. Try that and see if it works, if not we'll try something else.


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