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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I sat down at my computer this morning to write something profound and inspiring – and nothing even resembling inspirational or even in the same zip code as ‘Profound’ came to mind. A frown appeared on my face and a wrinkle ceased my forehead. What to do, what to do?

And then I looked up. Oh, no, not a big “UP TO THE SKY”, peering into the heavens waiting for some kind of Divine intervention to shatter the writer’s block and fill me with words of wisdom and thought’s of grandeur.

No, just up about four inches. For there, just above my computer screen, one of my precious daughters sneaked in and placed a picture of my two granddaughters – Rory and Esther - with huge, magnificent smiles. A practically perfect picture, in my humble estimation. To put this simply, it is a picture of pure joy. Raw and simple, no poses or posturing or “get my good side” – just absolute unmitigated JOY!

And as I sat here just looking, I realized there was a smile on my face, too. In the middle of my writer’s frustration, on this super hot and muggy day where the heat index is over 100 and the fans are running at breakneck speeds, on a day when a frown would be easy and a furrowed brow might be considered “normal” or acceptable, these two little girls changed my office into a place of complete, fulfilling, overwhelming JOY!

(Just think, if a picture can do that what do you imagine it’s like when they come and visit their ol’ Papa!?!?)

Let me be brief: If you haven’t smiled today you need to give it a try right now. And if you haven’t given one away in a while, you need to be the bearer of GOOD NEWS and share one today. A smile is one of the few things that grows as you give it away. Do it in person. Do it one the phone. Do it in an email or do it in an old fashioned card or note. Just make someone’s day with a great big smile – who knows, you might just make your OWN day as well.

Someday I’m going to figure out how to post a picture to this blog, but for the time being you can see pictures of my little girls at Kristen’s blog at or at Karin’s blog at

Blessings my friends – and go ahead – SMILE!!!


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