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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Boat is Listing

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Over the years I have had occasion to write lots of stuff. As a Pastor I have written somewhere between 500 and 600 sermons. As a student / studier I’ve taken literally thousands of notes (maybe tens of thousands!) which I then turned around and taught others as a teacher (where those poor people took more notes). I have written two books and a third is in the works (if I could only find a publisher for the second two!). Then you add years worth of journaling, love notes to my wife, help with my children’s homework, notes to myself so I won’t forget where I wrote all this stuff, music scores, and hundreds upon hundreds of architectural drawings of buildings, floor plans, kitchens, bathrooms, and maybe a good thousand pieces of furniture.

Yep, I’ve written a LOT of stuff!

And I’ve encountered lots of lists in all my writing, something I thought about the other day as I blogged and gave you the list of 4 things that made up “The Principle of the Harvest”. So, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll do a little searching in all that stuff I wrote and find a few important lists that might be of some help to someone out there in blogville. They might also come in handy as you try to live out your Christianity in a world that’s gotten a little rough on Christians.

The first list is very simple and very basic. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t profound. I have discovered that some of the most profound things in the world are actually very simple to say, and then are quite hard to do. This is one of those kinds of lists. I have referred to it many times over – this is surely an everyday kind of list. These are ...

The Six Disciplines of a Godly Person

1. Get into God’s Word - read it, study it, memorize it, think about it (meditate), share it
2. Pray - at first, just do it, then keep at it until your prayers are powerful and effective
3. Attend a Bible believing church for worship and fellowship - and go there often.
4. Give generously of your time, talents, and treasures (resources, money, etc.)
5. Find someone you trust who will hold you accountable - going it alone is dangerous.
6. Tell someone else about the Good News that Jesus loves them and died for them.

Well, there’s my first list for your consideration. Um, you might want to grab a piece of paper and write it down. Then, if you have the time, let me know what you think. And after considering what the ramifications of doing this list are for you, why not try it? I guarantee a better relationship with your heavenly Dad if you do..

Till next time,


Blogger hennhouse said...

Great list, Dad. I really appreciate it. I am going to write it down and try to implement a different item from the list (one) at a time. In your blog you write "I have discovered that some of the most profound things in the world are actually very simple to say, and then are quite hard to do." I agree, and sometimes, it is very difficult to say some of the most profound things.


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