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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Divine Point of View

Good afternoon fellow travelers,
I was looking at Sam’s blog ( ) and the great pictures of the incredible veggies he is growing and a thought came to mind. The Bible has a lot to say about harvesting. In fact it includes a really cool principle - “The Principle of the Harvest”. Mind if I share it with you?

FYI first: a Biblical principle is a generality from God’s point of view that applies to many situations. In short, it is God’s perspective on a given subject. Here’s the basis for the “Principle of the Harvest” (found, but the way, in all three of the first gospels - Matthew chapter 13, Mark chapters 3 & 4, and Luke chapter 8).

1. You won’t reap unless you sow
2. You reap in direct proportion to how much you sow
3. The size of the harvest is partly dependant on where you sow
4. You will reap what you sow

This simple principle applies to many different aspects of life – from whether you will pass that math test next week to how many widgets you will sell for XYZ Corp. It is the determining factor in how much you will accomplish for the Lord and how you will handle a life situation – like brokenness - which you find yourself unable to change. It is also one of the guiding principles in raising kids.

Did you know that God has a point of view about most everything? He does, and the really cool thing is that he really truly WANTS you to know his opinion. That way you can make wise decisions based on the best facts available – HIS! And the best part is that God wants us to know his opinion so much that He’s gone to all the trouble to have a whole bunch of authors write - in their own style - a book that lets us in on the secrets. Yep, it’s the Bible, a book I love and recommend without reservation to you.

Have a great day, and I’ll be back soon!

Just another beggar showing you where to find bread,


Blogger hennhouse said...

Excellent. A good friend of mine just lost her mom and she sent an email with a very similar message.


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