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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Find Your Umbrella

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Let me tell you, Satan will do ANYTHING to keep you from connecting with your heavenly Dad. Our daily time with the Lord will be buffeted by every imaginable kind of storm and, well, we might as well face it, sometimes we get side tracked or off track. The Devil desperately wants you to give up, but there is great value to hanging in there. So, today I’m just going to remind you of two critically important things that I call “Umbrella Principles” (because they cover everything).

First, just like any good relationship, this is going to take time.

Time is a factor that we must never ignore because it is at the root of every good relationship. Goodness knows we live in a hurried world. All week long we jump out of bed at the last minute so we can rush the kids to school and ourselves to work, and after hours of rush projects we rush home, then rush through our microwaved dinner so we can rush the kids to soccer practice. On Sunday we rush through our shower and breakfast, hurry the kids and our spouse into the car and rush to church – and once we are there we rush to talk to ALL our friends before getting to the main service where we take our first real breath of the day while jotting notes in our PDA, all the while wondering how long the line will be at Bob Evans if the preacher preaches too long. Goodness, I can feel my blood pressure rising just writing it down!

Is it any wonder we don’t get much spiritual food in church?

Hey, if you are married you know that you didn’t meet your spouse and marry them the next afternoon, now, did you? Of course not. A good courtship takes time. You go to dinner and talk about “sweet nothings”. You stroll along a side street and, literally, stop to smell the roses. I mean real roses and real stopping. Amazing that the world didn’t collapse because we weren’t in such a rush, huh?

Listen – EVERY good relationship is going to require an investment of time, and so will your relationship with God. So don’t be in a hurry. Your time with God will get better if it is nourished and fed- and given time to develop - like any good relationship. And if you don’t plan to MAKE the time, it just won’t happen. Put time with God in your daytimer and put a star beside it as a priority – then don’t ignore your daytimer!

And while you’re at it, think a moment about the second umbrella principle – hearing clearly requires quiet.

It is NOISY out there, and if we allow our souls to be disengaged by the noise of natural existence we will never be able to hear God speak. And yes, God DOES speak to us mortals and he DOES give us clear directions for living. But I guess you’ll just have to tune in next time to see that list.

So, until then, find a quiet place and spend some time with your ‘Dad’.


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