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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Practical "Do It's"

Dear Fellow Travelers,

The past couple days I’ve been in the woodshop and have had great times. But my mind has also been running over this whole business of talking to you about getting into God’s Word. We all know it is really important, but, sadly, it can also become tedious – or boring. No, I’m not being sacrilegious, but seriously, folks, if we don’t vary the approach we will, sooner or later, just stop. We both know that!

We can fix it in several ways. Yep, another list.

1. Read or listen to different versions. There are lots of them out there and lots of ways to buy them inexpensively online. Just make sure they are the real thing – some groups have generated strange “versions” of the Bible that are really off the wall. And for pity’s sake, get something up to date. One more 300 year old version isn’t likely going to change your attitude.

2. Write your own version. I don’t mean sit down with a quill pen and copy the whole thing like a monk. Rather, choose a scripture that is meaningful to you, or is complex, or that causes a question in your mind, then write your own version in your own hand. Mine is called the PDV – Pastor Dwight’s Version. It’s my favorite version to quote – in fact, I’ve used it in my blogging so you’ve already seen it.

3. Take smaller bites. Sometimes we think we have to ‘finish the chapter’ or we haven’t actually “had our devotions”. Baloney! Sometimes a few words are enough to jumpstart our thinking toward spiritual issues so don’t become personally legalistic. What a drag!

4. Remember that your attitude will determine your altitude. If every time you sit down to read your Bible you are thinking “well, here we go again” it’s not likely going to change your day much. Just think, you get to hear God talk to you – and how cool is that !!!

5. Also remember, there is one ingredient that defines every relationship – time. So plan to make the time necessary. Do not relegate your time with God to whatever might be left over – because we both know there is seldom any time “left over”, and then you are exhausted.

6. Create a sacred place where you and God meet regularly. A certain chair, a place at your desk, a corner of the basement or spot under the tree. Just pick a place and go there to read and pray every day (we’ll talk about that tomorrow), preferably at the same time every day. It’s like an appointment for dinner with your sweetheart – something you wouldn’t miss for anything.

7. Take a break. “Oh my goodness are you saying its OK to stop reading for a while?” I sure am. I love to eat. But I tell you, after Thanksgiving dinner and three kinds of pie, I’m not really all that interested in more - even steak or ice cream. Take a vacation that will allow your mind to hunger once again for the real soul food and water that the Bible is. And remember, vacations are short. Take a break, then get back in the habit.

My oh my, I’ve gone on longer than I figured on. Please know that these lists are intended to jog your thinking and are not anywhere near a completed essay on the subject. They are just ideas that work. The most important rule in Bible reading is well said in the Nike commercial – just do it!

Till we meet again,


Anonymous Sunshine-Cupid said...


My faith can often times become stagnent and never really have any growth, I think this list will help me, :D

Thanks again,


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