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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oooops...Sorry for another lapse.

OK, my friends, so I write for a while and then take a break – I guess that has become my habit. I apologize for the empty places, but knowing myself as well as I do, sadly, I don’t really think I’m likely to change. I learned a while back that as we age we don’t really change, we just become more of what we already are. That is an interesting concept isn’t it? If we are grouchy when we are younger we just get more grouchy as we gray. If we are sweet and kind we just get more sweet and more kind. I hope I am the latter and not the former.

I’m reminded of a list – yes I’m still making lists (I hope they are useful to you). The Apostle Peter writes in what is called guttural Greek. Not terribly polished and not exactly great literature, Peter just gets right to the point and says what needs said in simple, easy language. He was a simple man, an uneducated fisherman who understood nets and boats but probably only learned how to read and write as an adult. He was a Galilean, considered hicks and hillbillies by the rest of Jewish society. But he was anointed by God to preach, and he knew Jesus personally, so when he preached or taught, people listened.

Peter’s list of how to live a Godly life is found in 2 Peter 1:5-11. I’ll give you the PDV…

“Whatever you do, your first step has GOT to be that you have faith in God. But then you need to add – in this order – goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love. These won’t all come at once, but once they do, you need to let them grow and grow – because if you don’t you’ll become useless to God and to yourself. But if you let them increase in you, you can’t fall and God will welcome you home with flying colors when the time comes.”

Brotherly kindness

As you think about this list remember that you begin at the beginning and end at the end. You can’t just jump in anywhere you want, this is a progression and each thing on the list needs done in the order given. Ask God to help you understand how to successfully make this journey. And let this list become your road map toward godliness. As you practice his presence and immerse yourself in the godly disciplines, you will see a growth and closeness to the Lord you’ve never known before – and you’ll love it!

Have a great day!